Things to do in 2013

I have a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 2013, but here are the 48 most important ones (four for each month)…

  1. Marry my best friend and embody a state of calmness on the weeks leading up to and the day of our wedding – remember that it is just one day and the details of the wedding do not matter, what’s crucial is our marriage
  2. Meet with a financial planner as a couple to set goals for the future and work out a manageable budget
  3. Create a weekly chore system so one of us is not feeling overburdened
  4. Put all family and friend birthdays on calendar and call or email on bday
  5. Set monthly date with college group of friends – reinstate monthly brunch club?
  6. Find a new group of girlfriends in Buffalo
  7. Reduce usage of profanity in conversation (awful habit)
  8. Read 36 books (3/month)
  9. Finish MBA and graduate with at least a 3.90 GPA
  10. Earn $50K in 2013
  11. Pay off $10,000 on my student loans (ending balance of $10,000 at end of year)
  12. Remain credit card debt free
  13. Continue selling unused items on ebay and pare down possessions
  14. Continue keeping budget spreadsheet and update weekly
  15. Begin journaling on a regular basis
  16. Begin writing a novel – why keep putting it off? this is my big dream (stretch) goal….
  17. Take more photographs and print/display them
  18. Instate “switch off Sunday” – do not use email and use phone sparingly 
  19. Take an art class
  20. Create a vision board
  21. Smile at strangers
  22. Be better at initiating conversation with others
  23. Talk less about myself
  24. Ask more questions and listen to the answers
  25. Shop at local/independently owned businesses when possible
  26. Give more hugs
  27. Go to a concert
  28. Spend long weekends in Toronto, New York City, and the fingerlakes
  29. Go to church at least 36 times (3x/month)
  30. Pray at night before bed
  31. Say positive affirmations and practice gratitude in the morning before getting up
  32. Stop biting and picking at nails
  33. Get flexible enough to touch toes
  34. Drink more tea and less coffee
  35. Floss every day
  36. Continue to work out at least 5x/week
  37. Eat more greens
  38. Drink more water
  39. Walk more, drive less
  40. Try out new hair do’s
  41. Appreciate rest and vitality: Stick to a 10pm bed time on weeknights
  42. Learn SEO and SEM
  43. Begin a blog or website
  44. Each month have 2 candidates who make it to interview status
  45. Leave my desk at lunch every day – I need to start making mental breaks a priority so I can focus better
  46. Practice “inbox to 0” on Friday afternoon
  47. Continue involvement in family business succession planning
  48. In Q3/Q4 2013, begin building up new business and networking in order to successfully switch job title to recruiter in January 2014

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