Device Overload

I am the new owner of an iPad mini. I spent all evening syncing it to my iPhone. It’s basically the same thing with a bigger screen that makes for better viewing during bedside web surfing.

I don’t want to come off like I don’t appreciate the gift from my adoring fiance, because I do. I can especially see how fantastically entertaining it will be while traveling, and it’s a lightweight thing to stuff into my purse and carry around with me everywhere I go.

But really? It is an iPhone but bigger and it doesn’t make calls.  And it certainly doesn’t replace my laptop, since it’s not easy to type on and I can’t keep a spreadsheet on there (and I can’t live without my spreadsheets!).

So one of the things I am trying to do is minimize my life. In the past year, I have done this across the board (simplifying things such as: my finances, my career, my morning get-ready-for-work routine, my wardrobe, my skincare routine, my possessions, my friendships, and more).  But one thing I still spend too much time doing is sitting in front of a device (be it my computer, my iPhone, or now, my iPad) and watch someone else live THEIR life. I think my generation as a whole is guilty of being sucked down the time-warping internet rabbit hole more often than we’d like. Sometimes I feel like it’s just me, that there’s something wrong with me, or that I am an unmotivated lazy loser for getting so wrapped up in THE INTERNET. But the fact that I was able to have a full ninety minute conversation about this last Saturday night with my girlfriends made me realize that I am not alone.

And then today I discovered this post about a digital detox and was extremely excited to read that this is actually a common phenomenon.

I have to keep working to find that delicate balance between staying informed and in-touch and also allowing myself to disconnect and be at peace with quiet.