feeling like i need to figure out how to hold my attention on 1 thing for more than 5 minutes

reading pictures of you by caroline leavitt – it makes me want to put on my pajamas and get in bed to curl up and read at 7pm every night

listening to horrifically angry rap songs, somehow they calm me down and pump me up

eating chocolate, lots of chocolate

wishing that i had more energy during the day

enjoying cuddles with my kitten and quiet nights at home with my fiance

drinking hot chocolate, need i say more?

learning a lot about recruiting and how to be a good employee

missing anne

thinking about how i still want to lose weight and i still can’t completely motivate myself to eat right and how i shouldn’t want to lose weight because one of the things i want to stop focusing on is weight but i just can’t get it off my mind

loving the fact that i just planned a trip to florida for a long weekend with one of my best friends