I Turned 26 And All I Ever Need

This weekend was my 26th birthday.

The best one yet.

There is nothing to say except it was so full of love and joy and happiness. And moments of clarity where I realized hey I have everything I ever wanted. How did this happen?

I am so blessed and lucky.

All I ever really need is a handful of people to adore.






All in a Weekend: Falling in Love Again and Facing My Fears

This Saturday, Keith and I attended our eight-hour precana session.  We weren’t necessarily looking forward to it, but I have to say that I got a lot out of spending this time together.  The session prompted discussions about topics that are usually not at the top of our list to discuss… The facilitators had us separate to go through different questionnaires independently, and then we came together to share and discuss our answers.

When we came together, I was amazed at how similar our answers were.  Though maybe it’s a cheesy thing to say, I felt like I fell in love with him all over again during this session. Sharing our values, opinions, and goals and seeing how closely aligned we are on all the important things was really touching and reinforced that our relationship is incredibly deep and strong.

On a related note, I’m watching a coworker go through an awful time in her marriage (her husband is a lying, cheating scoundrel) and though it is hard to watch her crumble at the seams, if nothing else it makes me realize how lucky I am – lucky to be in love with a man I’d never doubt, and lucky to have enough confidence in myself that I know I would walk away if he did do something to make me question his trustworthiness.

This weekend, I did something that was very scary for me. In the vein of making new female friends, I had agreed to meet up with a girl I had conversed with a few times on Twitter. We planned to meet for drinks on Saturday at 8pm. Now, there are so many ways that this is out of my comfort zone. First of all: meeting new people! Scary zone! Secondly: a crowded bar on a Saturday night?  And lastly: I had to walk into said bar ALONE – one of the worst things in the world, in my opinion.  I had an anxiety attack before leaving the house, and I prayed at least twenty times that she would cancel. But she didn’t, and I had to go. Keith drove me, bless his heart, so I didn’t have to park, and he sat with me in the car for almost 15 minutes waiting for her to arrive (she was running late and I couldn’t walk in until I was SURE she was there).  Eventually she came and she was awesome – we had great conversation, a few drinks, and delicious desserts. We also discussed briefly teaming up for a future blogging project which really got my creative juices flowing. I need more creative and inspirational people in my life.  When Keith picked me up a few hours later, I plopped into the passenger seat a little buzzed and a lot proud of myself. Stepping outside your comfort zone feels so hard, but if you just push through and do it, it really isn’t so bad most of the time.