Core Values

I try to live my life by the following ten principles:

  • Authenticity – Always be true to myself and trust my gut (it’s always right)… be comfortable and confident in my true self and never try to be someone I am not.
  • Compassion – Show caring towards all others, show extreme care and love for my family and friends, and always give selflessly expecting nothing in return.
  • Courage – Push myself and try new things… by looking fear in the eye we can do things that we think we cannot do.
  • Health – Care for my physical body by nourishment, hydration, movement, and rest.
  • Humility – Never be arrogant and know that I can always learn from others… live with tact, grace, and a sense of quiet confidence.
  • Joy – Do things that me you smile every single day, live life surrounded by laughter, and don’t take life so seriously.
  • Love – Say “I love you” to the people I love and always consider their feelings.
  • Trust – Believe that all people are good and put my faith in others and in God’s plan.
  • Worthiness – Know that I am worthy of all good things that come down my path and believe that I do deserve good things.
  • Wisdom – Constantly seek to widen my base of knowledge… the active mind stays young and clever.

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