February Spending Review

This was a HEAVY spending month, mainly because I purchased a trip to Florida. I did, however, get my tax refund and did better than average in commissions, so I decided to mindfully treat myself. Here’s how I did it…

Base Income (after taxes & 401K contributions): $1500

Commission Income (after taxes & 401K contributions): $2150

Tax Refund: $3125

Total Take Home Income (Feb): $6775

Where My Take Home Money Went: February

Rent, Utilities, and Phone – $110 (2%) – The usual.

Gym – $20 (0.3%) – The usual for my BAC membership.

Groceries – $247 (4%) – After not contributing much to our groceries in January, I did the majority of the grocery shopping this much and my final bill shows it.

Dining Out – $94 (1%) – That whole February Friends focus? Meant leaving my house and meeting friends for coffee, dinner, or drinks more than I did in January. But, it was worth it, and it’s not like I went crazy.  I also included coffee into this category – Tim Hortons is now doing “Roll Up the Rim” and I find myself in the drive through before work a few days a week (whereas before I just made coffee at work).

Gas – $124 (2%) – I only filled up my tank twice this month! After realizing how much I spent in January, I tried to be a bit more cognizant about driving around (condensing errands, etc).  Also, my dad filled up my gas tank on his dime once, which was amazingly kind of him.

Shopping – $446 (7%) – This was one trip to one store and that store was Lululemon. I have held out on buying lulu workout clothes for SO LONG and I finally caved.  My workout wardrobe severely needed a refresh, and since I workout so often, I know that I will make good use out of these purchases. Plus, I can’t lie: cute workout clothes gives me more motivation to work out!

Household Items – $262 (4%) – This includes my monthly birth control RX ($50) and a 24 day supplement bundle by Advocare ($212). I know. But I’m going to Florida in a month and I am far from bikini-ready. Hopefully these supplements combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise will help me shave off some bloat before the trip.

Beauty – $286 (4%) – It was a “hair month” – meaning, I only get my hair done every other month, but when I do, it’s expensive (to the tune of $180!  I also got my nails done twice and bought a new foundation.

Entertainment – $93 (1%) – Last month I didn’t even include an entertainment category, but this month I spent quite a bit of money on entertaining myself! First of all, I treated Keith to a date at a comedy club ($46 for two tickets).  The other thing I discovered this month is audiobooks, which are an amazing use of time for my daily 60 minutes in the car, so much better than listening to the same top 40 songs over and over again. The only caveat is they are expensive, and I go through them quickly, so I bought two this month. And lastly, I was bed-ridden the entire last week of February so I bought season 1 of HBO’s “Girls” on iTunes.

Travel – $763 (11%) – This includes a round trip flight and four nights at a nice hotel, split with Jen. I am SO excited, and this was totally my tax refund splurge!

Miscellaneous – $140 (2%) – I bought a $25 intro to yoga pass, and I am falling in love with a new yoga studio (which could be trouble for my fitness budget in the months to come!). I also paid $90 for our precana and $25 for a groupon to Vistaprint which we are going to use for our wedding invitations.

Student Loan – $900 (13%) – Made a decent payment on the big old student loan this month. Slowly chipping away! Balance is now $17,700.

Savings – $2300 (34%) – A great month for saving! $1300 went into short term savings and $1000 went into long term (house fund).

The other $1000 of my February income (15%) is sitting in my checking account, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

This month included some huge splurges (Florida trip and Lulu shopping spree) BUT I don’t feel guilty about them because they were paid for with cash AND I still managed to put 13% of my income towards my student loan and 34% into savings. As long as I’m prioritizing debt payoff and savings, I am not going to let myself feel guilty about spending the rest on things I love!


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