February Goal Review & March Goals

My focus in February was FRIENDS, and I’m pleased to say that I feel as if I made a great deal of progress.

  • Reconnect with an old friend COMPLETE: Towards the beginning of the month I had coffee and a long chat with a dear friend from college that had slipped away. We haven’t gotten together again as she has been busy studying for a professional exam, but I feel as if Megan and I will continue connecting on a regular basis, which makes me happy.
  • Make a new friend COMPLETE: As I mentioned, I bit the bullet and met a new friend out for drinks at a Saturday night. This included walking into a bar alone (very scary). We really connected, and have continued texting and chatting. We even met up at a comedy club this past Friday. I think Alex and I will continue to become friends!
  • Plan a girls night with college girls COMPLETE: Had an amazing girls-night-in game-night with my faithful friends. We drank wine, ate inappropriate amounts of sugar, reminisced, and laughed a lot. Gosh, I love this group of friends. They are truly the treasures in my life.
  • Send two peices of snail mail COMPLETE: Sent cards to my friends Gina and Jen who have both recently achieved professional accomplishments. Also sent a just-because card to Anne because I miss her.
  • Call Anne twice COMPLETE: I am sometimes bad about the phone but I have chatted with Anne at least twice this month. Our phone calls warm up my heart like crazy.
  • Skype with Chrissy twice INCOMPLETE: We did talk on the phone once, but unfortunately we did not Skype at all. Phone calls are nearly as good as Skype (without the awkward pauses that sometimes occur when Skype freezes) but unfortunately Chrissy and I only chatted once this month. We have, however, continued our near-daily emails! She is such a wonderful friend and I hope we can chat a bit more in March!
  • Have a heart to heart with Amanda & Lauren INCOMPLETE: I am a pussy and I also hate drama. There is definitely lots of weirdness happening in our friendship but I also don’t want a blow out. Basically, I have tried to make peace with the situation as it is. I refuse to chase people and I refuse to force someone to hang out with me. If they’d like to hang out with me, I have made my availability known multiple times. I am tired of sending out unanswered emails and texts, and I have discontinued doing this. If they’d like to see me, I would love to get together with them, but they are going to have to contact me. Otherwise, our friendship will just slowly fade away, which I have also made peace with.
  • Plan a girls trip for the spring COMPLETE: This might have been the most exciting goal to work on. Jen and I are going for a long weekend in Miami in April. I am so flipping excited!

My focus for March is mindfulness. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just drifting through life and letting things happen to me instead of making things happen.  In March I want to work on living in the moment, being aware of my actions, and practicing gratitude and cultivating an attitude of calmness.

  • Make morning meditation a daily practice
  • Attend twenty yoga classes
  • Track food intake for the entire month
  • Set three MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) daily and complete them

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