That Thing I Can’t Stop Eating: Protein Pancakes

When I discover a new food, I tend to get slightly obsessed with it… This especially happens with breakfast food for some reason. At various times in my life I have been obsessed with different oatmeal combinations, omelette concoctions, and protein shake variations.

My current obsession is one of the easiest things I have ever made: vanilla-cinnamon protein pancakes.

Vanilla-Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Vanilla-Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1/2 banana, mashed

2 egg whites

1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder

a few generous shakes of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice

1 Tbsp coconut oil or butter

various toppings (berries, the rest of the banana, nut butters, coconut flakes, etc)


1. Mash a banana with a fork (easier if it is slightly over-ripe)

2. Separate out 2 egg whites and add them to the mashed banana – combine.

3. Slowly add in 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder until it makes a batter, then stir in a generous amount of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.

4. Heat coconut oil over medium heat. Use a spoon to scoop up batter and add to hot coconut oil. Cook for about 1 minute (bubbles will start to form) and then flip it over and cook about 1 minute (or less) on the other side.

5. Top as you wish – I love to heat up frozen berries, when you heat them in the microwave it makes the juices come out kind of syrupy.  Another delicious combination is to smear some almond butter on top and then cut up the other 1/2 of your banana and put it on top.

When I eat these, I actually get little pangs of post-eating-disorder guilt. They feel so decadent, sweet, and dense, that they taste like a big treat to me. But in all actuality – they are pretty healthy. Without any toppings (and including the coconut oil they are cooked in), the pancakes themselves are about 250 calories.  Throw on some berries and you have yourself a delicious and easy 300 calorie breakfast!


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